The first year of the EdgyTim website netted a whopping 387 hits.

"I was probably 200 of those," the sarcastic proprietor of what has become the home for high school football fanatics as he begins his 24th year of blanketing the state of Illinois in attempt to meet on a year-to-year basis what is in practice a very simplistic goal.

"I love football and I thought I'd give it a shot and I found that audience that I always thought was out there," O'Halloran said.

He also feared the wrath of his wife, Denise.

"Here's the reason why it started, because back then you probably paid $3,500 for a personal computer, and the wife was basically telling me, we're not going to spend this kind of money and have it collect dust. You'd better find a use for it. So this is really her fault," O'Halloran quipped.

And although O'Halloran did have a degree from SIU-Carbondale in communications with a radio and television concentration, the evolution into becoming what has followed for over two decades took a very indirect path.

"I was working for a Fortune 500 company called JP Morgan Chase and I had a very good job working for them at the Merc at the Board of Trade," O'Halloran said. "Things were going very well for me in my career."

"It was certainly nothing that I went into that it was going to be the end all for me. It wasn't like it was going to be a new career path for me."