Oswego senior defensive back Joey Niesman is the Friday Night Drive Week 2 Team of the Week MVP sponsored by Rosati's of Crystal Lake.
Oswego senior defensive back Joey Niesman is the Friday Night Drive Week 2 Team of the Week MVP sponsored by Rosati's of Crystal Lake. — John Sahly - jsahly@shawmedia.com

Joey Niesman used to throw passes growing up.

Now he picks them.

On Friday, the Oswego senior defensive back picked them clean, intercepting three passes in the Panthers' 23-14 win over Joliet West.

It must be in the Friday Night Drive water. Last week, Prairie Ridge's Mason Loucks picked off three passes to take home MVP honors.

Niesman was voted as the Friday Night Drive Team of the Week MVP with a whopping 506 votes, taking the top honor over runner-up Rock Falls running back Noah Schueler.

Niesman was presented his MVP belt, sponsored by Rosati’s in Crystal Lake, after Tuesday’s practice in front of his teammates and coaches. Niesman, who also plays basketball, then answered a few questions from Kendall County Newspapers sports editor Joshua Welge.

Three interceptions, that's a pretty good week. Have you had three interceptions or anything like that in a game before?

Niesman: No, that was a first for me. The most I've ever had before in a game was I want to say one in high school. That was big for me.

What happened with them? Were there any in particular that stood out?

Niesman: The most important one was the third. They were driving down, we were up by a touchdown I think at the time. I got the interception and stopped the momentum, and we pulled the win off.

I heard that you could have had a fourth one though, right?

Niesman: Yeah I could have had a fourth but you know, can't catch everything.

You caught a touchdown pass in Week 1. How do they compare, do they compare? That's a pretty good two weeks.

Niesman: Definitely a touchdown is nice, but I think three interceptions over a touchdown any day.

You're obviously a really good basketball player, too. I look at you as that fearless, jump right in there, throw caution to the wind type in basketball. Does that mentality carry over to DB a little bit?

Niesman: Yeah, my basketball mentality carries into football just as my football mentality carries into basketball. I just like to be aggressive, make plays for my team, whatever I can do to help them win.

Do you have a favorite NFL team?

Niesman: Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson is my favorite player ever. I'm a big Louisville fan. It was so fun to watch him Sunday shut the haters up. He needed that. I was looking forward to it all offseason, everybody telling me that he couldn't throw the ball. He came and he showed out. Pretty good for a running back.

Is there another sporting team that you like?

Niesman: I love Louisville basketball, Louisville football and now I love the Ravens. And the Lakers too.

Do you have a hype song before the game?

Niesman: I usually listen to hip hop. Hot Gunna.

Do you have a pregame meal you have to have?

Niesman: I love apples. I like protein bars, Fiber One.

TV show that you watch?

Niesman: I like America's Got Talent if that helps.

What's the last movie you saw?

Niesman: It Chapter Two. Bad reviews, but I liked it.

Is there a dream date?

Niesman: Chantel Jeffries.

Before last Friday, is there a top athletic moment you've ever had?

Niesman: Eighth grade Super Bowl, OYTF, Oswego Blue. First two plays touched the ball we scored. I was quarterback.

So you were a a quarterback now?

Niesman: Yeah I played quarterback my whole life until freshman year, they switched me.

Now you pick them.