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The Illinois High School Association clarified a few rules in regards to player participation in the minutes of its June board meeting released Monday.

The first clarification was to the weekly player limitations.

The policy now declares that a player shall not play in more than two games in a week, and shall not play in more than one game in a single day.

For the purpose of the rule, a week is defined as a seven-day period from Monday through the following Sunday. This was the most notable adjustment as the previous date range ran from Friday to the following Thursday, making it more difficult to deploy players to potential junior varsity games that may be played earlier in the calendar week.

One play competed in a game constitutes a game played, unless a player enters the game for just one play due to an equipment failure or injury. In that case, that play will not be counted against them as a game played.

In addition, players cannot be involved in a live contact practice the day after any game participated in.

The only exception to the rule of playing in more than one game per day is for specialist-only players (kicker, punter or holder only). They are allowed to play in multiple games in one day but only if those are the only roles that they play in those games.

The 14-day acclimatization period in football (as well as any other sport that requires a helmet and/or shoulder pads for participation) was also clarified for use this season.

The first two days of the period, the helmet is the only protective equipment allowed. During days three through five, only helmets and shoulder pads may be worn.

On the sixth day of practice, all protective equipment may be worn and full contact may begin.

Also beginning on the sixth day, double practices are allowed but must be followed by a single practice day.

On single practice days, a one-hour walkthrough is also allowed, but only if followed by at least three hours of continuous rest.

If a team has a double practice day that is followed by a full rest day, another double practice day may be contested following said rest day.

Also, on a double practice day, neither of the practices can be for longer than three hours, with warm-up, stretching, cool down, conditioning, and weight room activities counted among that time. The two practices must also be separated by at least at three-hour continuous rest period, with no player being allowed to participate in more than five total hours of practice activity.

The minimum number of practices that must be completed to participate in game competition is 12.